Easiest card trick ever!!

Here is the easiest card trick ever!! If you are a beginner in magic this trick will set you on your way to becoming a master of card tricks.

So what do you need? You need a deck of cards. You can even borrow the deck if you are with friends too..

The setup is very simple and you can even let the spectator shuffle the cards first so they know there is no pattern of the cards.

Once the cards are shuffled you are then ready to perform.

So the cards are shown to be in a random order; at this point you glimpse the fourth card (let us say the 2 of hearts is there) from the top as you show the cards as being random.

You then ask the spectator to cut the cards into two piles.

You then explain by looking at the bottom half of the pile you can work out the position of a card in the deck.

Easiest Card Trick Ever

So you look at the fourth card down from the bottom pile. (Do not show the spectator that card which will be the queen of spades) You say the fourth card down is the 2 of hearts.

You then deal out the cards from the top half of the deck, cut four cards down and the 2 of hearts is produced... you can then repeat the trick once the bottom half of the deck is placed on to the top of the second deck.

Let us watch the demo below for more information on how to perform the Easiest Card trick Ever.

Easiest Card Trick Ever

So there you have the the trick and now it is time for you to practice this trick before you show anyone your great magical skills.

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