Even and Odd
Card Trick

The Even and Odd Card trick is a pretty cool trick. You need to prepare the deck first but the method is excellent and well worth learning.

A great video of this trick has been prepared by @TAGSMagic, which you can watch below, but let us get into the performance.

First thing to do is riffle shuffle the deck. You then split the deck into two piles and ask a spectator to assist you.

You need to spread both piles face down so the spectator can have a free choice.

The spectator then picks one card from one spread, looks at it and remembers it and then puts it into the other spread of cards.

They then repeat the process by removing a card from the other spread and placing it into the opposite spread.

You now collect up the spreads into individual piles and re-spread them face up. Now here comes the magical bit.

You scan through the cards carefully and pick out the two cards the spectator chose and you take a bow at the applause that comes from performing this trick and fooling your audience.

Even and Odd Card Trick Recap

So now you have watched the video let us quickly recap on the trick.

  • You need to split the cards into odds and evens with the jack and king classed as odd.
  • Deal out four piles of 13 cards, 2 piles of odds and two piles of evens.
  • Put the 4 13 card piles together in this order; Odds, Evens, Odd & Even.
  • You are then ready to perform the trick.
  • Split the deck in two and spread each pile face down.
  • Get a spectator to select and remember a card from each spread and place them back in the opposite spread.
  • Now collect and re-spread each pile face up and reveal which cards the spectator has chosen.

And there you have it.. A great card trick and a great response if you practice, practice, practice.

One final tip from me is to practice this trick with your family and friends, but also try it in front of a mirror. You will find yourself watching how your hands move, and the angles are shown in real time.

Watching yourself in a mirror increases your awareness of how you perform the trick. It is like you are looking at yourself in the eyes of the spectator and it can only help you develop your skill and presentation.

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