Free Coin Trick

Free Coin Trick, False Transfer. This is a free magic trick that shows you how to perform a false transfer of a coin from one hand to another.

A false transfer is a great way of pretending to move one coin from one hand to another hand very simply and it looks so cool when you can do it properly with plenty of practice.

What you will need for this trick is a coin that you can hold in your hands and let it stay in your hands with a little pressure from your thumb. There are many coins you can use but find one that is a good size. After plenty of practice you can use any coin but first find a coin you are happy to learn the technique with.

Let us watch the video below showing how you can pretend a coin has vanished into thin air only for it to appear behind someone's ear.

Try practicing this move in a mirror. That way you can learn it before you will perform it live.

Free Coin Trick Revealed

This is how to perform this trick using the false transfer method.

First you will need a coin in the tips of your fingers and show it to the spectator cleanly and clearly.

false transfer

You then move your hand towards the empty hand and slightly twist the hand as you place your thumb on top of the coin. 

Now fully turn the hand above your other hand and close the other hand like the coin has now fallen into the empty hand.

Once this has happened you move the hand with the coin still in it away to the side of your other hand and blow into the empty hand, perform a magical gesture and open the hand to show the coin has disappeared.

free coin trick

You can then bring the hand with the coin back in to play by putting it near the spectators head saying I see the coin behind your ear.. Then reveal the coin from behind the ear and the trick is now complete.

Go away and practice this move in the mirror until you can do it without any problem.

Please comment below how well you have learnt this trick and where you have used this effect. The false transfer move is brilliant for other tricks so remember when you read that a false transfer is needed you will already know how to perform it.