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We hope you will enjoy our site.  We will bring to you great magic tricks and illusions for free that you can perform, and push you in the right direction with many ideas and quality tips within the Magic Articles pages.  

We also have card trick reviews that allow you to make an informed decision regarding what to buy and the best place to buy it.

It is our pleasure to be here to help you in your quest to perfect your routines and magic performances on your journey to becoming a great magician.

We bring the magic tricks to you and write about them so you can perform them better.  If you want to be like David Blaine, Jay Sankey, or Criss Angel, this is the place to be...  Enjoy the site!!

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Just to clarify on our stance on revealing magic tricks...



What we are providing are magic tricks that you will find in a book from your local Library which is in the public domain and free!!

Magic will cost you money!!

Free Magic

There is no doubt that unless you invest in magic from other creative magicians and illusionists you will not help the community (or family) of magicians to continue creating magic for your enjoyment!!

Magicians continue to create great tricks to help them fund themselves. If every new trick or illusion is revealed on a website, magicians will not make any money and will stop creating the illusions. They allow their secrets into your life, please protect them!!

The magicians oath is not there to be a spoil sport. We never share the secret of the tricks to just anyone.

What we are doing is giving you a taste of what you can do and be great at. The tricks being shown here are for those learning the art.

They will become a foundation to your career and maybe in the future you will improve on them, making them even better, and give them a freshness too!!

Yes!! Free Magic But....
We entrust to you our secrets.

You are part of the brotherhood/sisterhood of magicians all over the world.  We help you so help us by keeping the methods secret.

Keep the oath as much as you can and remember that only by practicing the magic you will become as good as the likes of David Blaine, Jay Sankey, Paul Daniels, Criss Angel, Penn and Teller or David Copperfield.