French Drop
Coin Trick Utility Move

The French Drop is a utility move designed to fool the spectator into not knowing which hand the coin is in, and can be used in many coin effects or tricks. Free Magic Tricks and Illusions are writing a series of these utility moves which will enhance your learning of coin magic.

The French Drop Explained

Put it simply, the french drop disguises the fact the coin is still in the hand but with the move in play, it looks like the coin has been taken into the other hand.

French Drop

You start with the coin held in the left hand between the first and second fingers with the thumb pressing down lightly on top.

You then bring your right hand towards the fingers and place the thumb of your right hand behind the coin.

French Drop Coin Trick

Next gently lift the thumb of your left hand to allow the coin to fall into the palm of your hand.

Then push your right hand forward as if you have just taken the coin in your right hand.

Your left hand encloses on the coin and you then turn your hand around which helps with the illusion of the coin being in the other hand.

So now you have watched the video, why not practice the moves in front of a mirror.

This will help you to learn your angles and will also help you to make it appear that the coin has be taken from one hand to the other when it is in fact still in the original hand.

This move is used in countless tricks and sometimes you can pocket that coin stealthily and show both hands empty.  The coin appears to have disappeared and this provokes a great reaction.

So to recap this move. Hold the coin correctly, let the coin fall into your palm, enclose the hand at the same time of moving the other hand away to enlarge the fake steal.

You turn the hand over and point to the other hand to dissipate the focus of the hand still holding the coin.

Open the hand without the coin to show it has vanished.

A great utility move you will use again and again.

Remember to practice this trick many times until you perfect it and perform it in front of your friends and family.

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