Gemini Twins Card Trick

Here is a great trick called The Gemini Twins Card Trick and it is taught to you by @TAGSmagic, follow him on twitter.

Basically this is how it works. You get a spectator to shuffle the deck.

You proceed to pick out two cards which is your prediction and lay them on the table.

You then ask the spectator to deal out the cards face down and ask them to stop when they feel they should stop. You then put one of your predicted cards on that pile and put the rest of the cards on top.

You then repeat the process. You now spread the cards and as if by magic the predicted cards are next to their sister card..

So if it was an 8 of hearts, the card would be next to the 8 of diamonds and the other card say it is an Ace of Spades would be next to the Ace of Clubs. Simple and very effective little magic trick.

Watch the video below and he will teach you the secret and method in detail.

Gemini Twins Card Trick Round Up

It is a great simple trick which can be done impromptu and fool many. The trick will baffle your audience as long as you remember which cards go where.

Let us have a quick recap:

  • Shuffle the deck and glance at the top and bottom cards. That can be done by whilst shuffling the deck.
  • Remove the sister cards of the top and bottom cards you glanced (ie 8H=8D, AS=AC as examples)
  • Ask the spectator to deal out the cards to when they feel they want to stop. Interact with them and let them believe it is a free choice.
  • Put the correct card down in correlation to the card on the bottom of the deck at that time.  Keep it relevant to the trick.
  • Repeat the process. Spread the deck and reveal the sister cards carefully.. Do the reveal slowly and try to inject some suspense and drama into the reveal.
  • Accept the awe and wonder.

Remember with all magic tricks you must practice, practice, practice! Only then will you get better your performances faultless. Try performing in front of a mirror.. It will really help you to become a better magician.

Keep working hard and remember to follow @TAGSMagic on Twitter.

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