Houdini Rubber Band
Card Trick

Houdini Rubber Band Card Trick is a trick where a rubber band is used to find the spectator's chosen card. The Houdini is named after Harry Houdini because he was excellent at escaping from the bands that held him in place.

Remember that with practice you can pull off this amazing card trick. It is all in the application of the rubber band. 

What you will need is a pack of playing cards and a medium sized rubber band. You put the rubber band around your wrist until you need it. Use a nice thick band as it helps with the illusion for the spectator to be able to see it.

You fan the cards out and ask a spectator to randomly choose a playing card from the deck.

You then ask them to place it on to the deck of cards and give them a big shuffle, losing the card in the deck somewhere.

Then remove the rubber band from your wrist and put it around the deck keeping the cards in position.

Houdini Rubber Band Card Trick Free card trick where a rubber band is used to find the spectators chosen card

You remove the bottom card and place it on top of the deck as the deck backs are shown.

Turn the cards over, placing the top card back into the deck. Then cut the cards with the rubber band still around them, twist one section a complete turn and place it back on to the deck with a snap.

Then release the deck fully and the rubber band spins the deck throwing out the spectators chosen card.

Let us watch the video below to see the performance and how to perform this trick...

Houdini Rubber Band Card Trick Round Up

As you can see the secret is using a double lift and shuffling the cards to force the selected card to be on top of the deck!!

The secret is in the rubber band being wrapped around the chosen card in a way it fires it out in a spectacular manner wowing the audience. The method is quite easy to perform if you follow the video. It is the wrap around of the rubber band that you need to do correctly.

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