Insurance For Magicians
Covering Yourself as an Entertainer – The Facts

Insurance For Magicians

Interacting with spectators is one of the pre-requisites for magicians to be successful. Ultimately magicians are entertainers like musicians, street performers or dancers and hence dependent on their audience’s accolades for professional growth.

However, an important point that should be borne in mind is the fact that this is just one side of the coin and a pleasant one at that.

There is a flip side to this tale too and it pertains to an accident, injury or unprecedented happening which might mar the performance. When this happens who is liable to pay for the damages?

It is the entertainer of course and this is where entertainer insurance comes into the picture. Insurance For Magicians is vitally important.

The most common type of entertainer’s insurance is known as public liability and it provides coverage to compensate for the loss or injury suffered by a spectator during the show.

In this type, there is provision to include legal expenditure as well which might have been incurred by the injured party.

For example, suppose a magician uses a audience member's ring or watch and it gets damaged or lost during the trick.  

Responsibility for the damage caused to the spectator's possession falls squarely on the shoulders of the magician and the insurers may, after investigation, pay the entire amount to the member of the audience if the magician owns a public liability insurance policy.

Having realized the importance of possessing such an insurance policy, the next step entails embarking on a quest for providers.

Conducting a simple Google search by typing in the right keywords would reveal names of various insurance companies who provide this service and after having noted down details of each one of them it is time to indulge in comparison shopping.

One of the points that the buyer would need to confirm at the outset is that the insurance provider offers public liability policy to entertainers and that coverage is customized as per the circumstances of the entertainer.

Insurance For Magicians: The Facts

Magicians often have to carry their own equipment which is susceptible to damage during the show or may cause an injury to an audience member while the act is in progress.

Insurance for magicians street performer

Is it really important for entertainers to have public liability insurance policies to their names?  Considering the fact that almost all venues hosting magic shows or concerts state its possession as a pre-requisite for using their premises, a magician should have one.

Nowadays it is mandatory for street performers to have a permit too by paying a stipulated amount well in advance.  Failure to do so will mean that the venue cannot be booked in advance for the show and the magician will not be allowed to perform there.

During the course of life, no-one would deliberately step on a banana peel and slip to sustain an injury but there are times when an accident cannot be avoided, thus insurance is essential.

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