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Find a card using Static Electricity

Learn card magic here on Free Magic Tricks and Illusions. This trick is a very simple card trick which allows you to find a spectator's chosen card by static electricity.

The method itself is the simple idea of getting the chosen card to the top using any method you like.  The move known as a double undercut would work well in this situation. After you have completed this first move, manipulate your hand in such a way to drag the card upwards to show the chosen card.

You only pretend to create static electricity with your finger. The secret is you are using your pinky finger to pull the card upwards so that it looks like the chosen card is stuck to your first finger.

Remember to hold the deck further up in your hand so when you drag half the deck down in a stepped fashion, you push the chosen card upwards with the pinky finger so it touches the index finger to give the card stability.

Let us what the video below to see how the trick is performed and how it is executed.

Learn Card Magic
Static Electricity Card Trick

It is a good trick to learn and great for an impromptu situation where you have a deck of cards available. It does take a bit of practice to get it right but can be used in all sorts of situations as a finisher move.

It will get killer reactions. The subtlety here is when you have pushed the card up to the top you push the rest of the deck on top of the chosen to card to make it look like it has risen from the middle of the deck.

Try to keep the audience engaged by explaining what you are doing as you are performing the trick. It helps that they recognized what you are attempting to do with their chosen card.

The video explains it all here and I recommend you watch the trick a few times then practice it until you can perform it perfectly. Practicing in front of a mirror is very important because you can watch yourself perform.  After you have perfected the trick, try it out on your family and friends, and see what great reactions you will get.

Try it on your friends then come back here to Free Magic Tricks and Illusions to learn more great magic tricks, or read the articles to help you become a better magician.

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