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With all magic coin tricks we all have to start somewhere and what better way to start is by learning the Coin Roll Magic Trick.

We have all seen someone performing the sleight of hand master classic trick where a coin seems to walk down someone's fingers like a ball moves down concrete steps.

To perform this trick you will need a coin that you feel comfortable using to do this sleight. I use a dollar coin or an English ten pence coin. Some people can use bigger coins and some will use smaller coins. It is what you personally feel comfortable learning with.

With some time on your hands you can learn this and be able to perform it for your friends and family.

So let us watch the video below and learn the secrets of the Coin Roll Magic trick.

Magic Coin Tricks - Coin Roll

It is a very basic trick that looks impressive when it is being performed correctly and that will take plenty of practice.

Firstly you need to learn how to balance the coin on the flat pad of your thumb. How I learnt this was to hold the coin in the position and walk up and down the stairs. IT JUST WORKS!!

I have to go upstairs to use the bathroom. I keep a coin in my pocket and when I go to any stairs I place the coin on my thumb and walk up and down them. It is a great way of learning how to balance a coin.

coin roll magic trick

Also the wiggling of your fingers will take time to master. You have to move the coin and your fingers at the same time to get the coin into an animated state. With your hand slightly turned downed away from you, the coin will move slowly. It will take plenty of practice to get it just right.

The coin will need to move between your first knuckle and second knuckle of each finger. That is the optimum place to move the coin and control it with precision.

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