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Magic That Amazes

WOW!!! Magicians would love to hear their audience exclaim with surprise, delight and awe after they have enacted their tricks but is this truly easy to entice?

Unfortunately, the answer to this query is negative and partly because of the fact that most of the magic tricks have been enacted too often through successive generations of magicians.

So where does that leave an aspiring magician?

Although the situation might seem quite dreary at first glance it is truly not so disheartening as long as the magician is aware of ways and means of overcoming it. 

Originality is the key here and can be accomplished by improvising on the existing repertoire so that the act seems refreshingly different in spite of belonging to the same genre.

Some of the tricks that have emerged as a result of creativity of magic that amazes are –

Causing water to levitate – Having watched the likes of David Blaine levitate, your attempt at it would probably be greeted with familiarity which sadly takes away the entire charm of the trick.

To avoid such a situation try a variation of the same, for example levitating water, wherein a bottle full of water is overturned and yet no water spills forth from its mouth.

In order to carry out this illusion you would need a transparent plastic cork which is cut to size so that it fits perfectly within the mouth of the bottle.

This should be in your hand so that as soon as the bottle is overturned you can insert it without your spectators being any wiser.

Further reinforcement of the illusion can be achieved by drilling a tiny hardly discernible hole in the cork so that you can push toothpicks through so that they float in the water within.

Voodoo ash – In an interactive spree you ask one of the spectators to write something on a paper which is then crumpled and burned. Click here for our version of magic that amazes Ash Trick

You then pick up the ashes and rub them on your hand to reveal the written word and watch as everyone lets out a unified gasp.

Since it is imperative to get to know the word without making it obvious, the topmost sheet of paper should have another one placed underneath so that the imprint of the written word is visible.

After that all that is required is a quick sleight of hand and eye movement to carry out this trick much to everyone’s amazement.

More Magic That Amazes

Making the cigarette vanish – Commence this trick by showing everyone the cigarette in your hand which then vanishes in a split second.

Miraculous though it might seem it is truly easy to perform since all it requires is the wetting of your thumb so that the cigarette end sticks to it when pressed hard enough.

In this way, when you open your hand, it gives the impression that the object has vanished into thin air.

Melting a matchstick – Practice is essential while performing this trick because it requires a deft movement of your hands in order for the trick to appear truly deceptive. 

Two matchsticks are used to carry out this trick and after having been shown to the audience these are twisted in such a way that they appear melted whereas actually they have been locked into each other.  It is magic that amazes all!!