Magician Business Cards
Using Your Business Cards to Maximum Effect

Using Your Magician Business Cards to Maximum Effect

Who would know more than a magician the importance of an impressive performance?

Amongst all stage performers, it is the magicians who interact with their audiences both collectively, and also on a one-on-one basis.

Since magicians are adjudged on the basis of social factors in combination with their performances, it becomes imperative for magicians to hone their social skills to the point of perfection.  And what happens after they have been successful enough to enthral and captivate their audiences?

Everyone would come up to them, offer their plaudits of appreciation and a precious few would even ask for contact details.

This is where a great business card comes in.

Old Business Card

For magicians, their business cards are yet another tool in their vast repertoire and humble though it might be, no stone should be left unturned to ensure that it is as interesting as their tricks and as flamboyant as their costumes.

In terms of appearance and information, magician business cards should be such that they reflects all the glory and pomp that this profession is associated with so that after every performance the magician is proud to hand them over to whoever asks for it.

To be able to use it effectively to create the right impression some of the parameters that should borne in mind while designing it are –

Magician Business Cards


There are two aspects that define quality, namely design and function and a well thought-out business card is one which strikes a good balance between the two.

Old Business Card

Because magicians are professionals, it is only fair to expect that their cards should reflect their professionalism in the best way possible. At the same time it should contain all the necessary information to facilitate future contact.  

In this respect, it is important to have them professionally designed, and one such company offering this service is MOO, who sell many products including business cards.

Keep it Simple

‘What is in a name?’ is a popular adage but in case of magicians' business cards, mention of their name is mandatory.

A catchy slogan or phrase comes next in order to add a touch of interest followed by contact information in terms of telephone number and email address.

All of this should be presented in a simple manner so that anyone who takes one look at the card is able to discern the information immediately.


This is determined by the target audience and the onus is on magicians to ensure that their audiences are able to identify with their business cards and recollect their performances from the depths of their memory.

While casual and formal are broad categories of styling, something more unconventional like an Origami-style card or one with a future forecast on the back is worthy of consideration. 

A big no-no for magicians is to include their image on the card for it would be akin to revealing the entire truth.

Instead a logo or a design that piques curiosity would be more effective in fetching telephone calls as it would compel people to find out more about the magician and therefore ask for a face-to-face meeting.

Old Business Card

Another tip is to avoid cluttering the card as much as possible, as such a business card would only convey the feeling of being loud and garish, not to mention camouflage most of the information.

Having thought out all the details and received many cards, it is the magician’s prerogative to hand them out without any embarrassment or reservation to anyone who asks for it.

If it is successful in reflecting magicians' personas, then they might be as effective in changing their wheels of fortune as their wands are while performing magic.

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