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How are you all? We have been busy here at FMTAI writing new material and new recording new tricks for the site.

Articles are being added weekly and card tricks are now increasing.

Check out one of my favourite tricks that I use every time im performing table to table magic.


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We are still looking for a magician who is willing to produce tricks for the site.. You will be paid 10 dollars per trick and you will get a free T shirt to wear while filming the tricks.

Contact us admin@freemagictricksandillusions.com if you are willing to be our in house magician!!

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We need magic videos for our site. If you film an performance and a concise how to video.. we will pay you $10!! Contact admin@freemagictricksandillusions.com..esay money!!!

If you have a Article or wish to have a blog like Derek then also contact us with the email address below, you can have your own blog which you can write whatever you want on as long as it is about magic!!!

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