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freemagictricksandillusions emails, Issue #010-- Plastic currency to hit and Download Shop!!!
December 30, 2013

Hi Magicians and wanna be illusionists

How are you all? We have some big news this month!! A brand new shop and twitter goes into the 10's of thousands!!

Twitter Follows peaked at 16 thousand this week.. We are so thankful of you following us.. we always follow you back, if we missed you then Tweet us @freemagictandi and we will follow you if we missed you the first time round!!

HOT NEWS!! Today i have launched our very own Instant improved Download store where you can purchase magic at the touch of a button!!

For a limited time only get 10% off any downloaded magic trick by using the word "Magic" in the discount code box. Check it out here

Our Facebook Page has over 200 likes.. but we want more please.. spread the word and and like us on Facebook

Articles are being added weekly and card tricks are now increasing.

Check out one of most watched tricks that is on our site, can be used for table to table magic.

Let me know what you think by commenting at the bottom of the page..

Its happening!! Plastic currency is on its way!! In the uk Plastic polymor notes are being issued and will turn some tricks on its head!! Check out the article here

33. Plastic Currency and Magic Since its arrival, plastic has proliferated every aspect of our lives and now it is set to find a place in our wallets too if latest reports about it being tried and tested by various...

We are still desperately looking for a magician who is willing to produce tricks for the site.. Payments will be made and decks to be won!!

Contact us if you are willing to be our in house magician!! The website needs you!!!

Pay it forward.. Tell your friends about FMTAI and ask them to sign up.

Buy a great Magic Course here.. remember when you buy it helps FMTAI to stay online

If you perform the tricks on this course.. why not film yourself doing them and remember..........

We need magic videos for our site. If you film an performance and a concise how to video.. we will pay you $10!! Contact money!!!

If you have a Article or wish to have a blog like Derek then also contact us with the email address below, you can have your own blog which you can write whatever you want on as long as it is about magic!!! Get in touch and we'll create the best magic site for all magicians

Check out our New article page with 1 new and fresh article ready for your viewing.

Full of tips and advice, its there for your development

Feel Free to write any comments at the bottom of any pages and once reviewed will be posted to the site. See you name on the site too

Check them out here

Remember to follow us on Twitter @Freemagictandi

Take Care and Stay Magic!!!

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