Well its been 3 months since we started and everything is moving at a quick pace.

Thank you all for subscribing to FMTAI and without you the website would be nothing.

Remember we pay for your magic tricks. Film yourself performing the trick, then film the reveal. We need the raw footage and we will edit it then put it on our website..and here is the deal. We'll pay 7 dollars for each trick that is used. Simple.

We now have a page with articles on Magic. These articles are there to inspire and teach, use them to grow in the knowledge. https://www.freemagictricksandillusions.com/Articles.html

Remember our in house Magician Derek has a weekly (well almost weekly, its when he has time ;) )column called Derek Says full of news and reviews. https://www.freemagictricksandillusions.com/Dereksays.html

Our forum is close to completion and will be a hive of comments and posts all about magic.. plus a general discussion forum for life’s little whines and groans.

Have you got a new trick… then we want your reviews and they will appear here :- https://www.freemagictricksandillusions.com/magicreviews.html

Our Cardistry Expert and Card Collector Billy reviews his new purchases here and reviews them so you will know what cards are best https://www.freemagictricksandillusions.com/carddeckreviews.html

Keep up to date with all that’s going on here at Freemagictricksandillusions.com. Invite your friends too us


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