Pencil Tap Coin Vanish
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Pencil Tap Coin Vanish is a great trick if you are a beginner at magic and want to start with using coins. This is a very simple vanish trick which with a little practice can look amazing.

The first things you need are a coin and a pencil. You can use a magic wand and a bigger coin as you get better at performing this trick.

The secret is in the flick of the coin and the catching of the coin. Once you have mastered that with practice, it will come very easily to you. Keep at it and you will look amazing in front of your friends.

You position the coin in the middle of your fingers. You tap the pencil down twice on to the coin, then the third time to gently flick the coin upwards in to the hand holding the pencil. Then dump the coin in your lap discreetly. 

The secret to this trick is all in the timing and the misdirection. Try to perform the trick with consistency and accuracy. The more you practice this trick the more fluid and natural you will be performing it. Remember to turn your hand at the right speed, also remember that a small action covers a big action.

Watch the video below detailing how to perform this great trick and the tips and ideas behind it!

Pencil Tap Coin Vanish

So have you got it? Did you see how great the trick is to perform with your audience looking puzzled at what can only be a superb vanish?

coin and pencil

I hope so.

It is a really great trick that will take time to master correctly. I am an advocate of the great magicians' motto.. practice, practice, practice!!  You could also try practicing the trick in front of a mirror so you can see yourself performing before you perform in front of an audience.

The only way you will ever become a great magician is to keep on performing the trick until you can do it without even thinking about it. This trick is one you can perform over and over again.

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