Plastic Currency and Magic
Plastic Currency Set to Test Magician’s Creativity

When discussing plastic currency and magic, it must be remembered that since its arrival, plastic has proliferated every aspect of our lives and has now found a place in our wallets and purses too here in the United Kingdom.

Somehow we are so used to seeing paper money that the very thought of it being replaced by polymer seems bizarre and unrealistic but concerned authorities have backed this decision with sound logic and reasoning.  

According to them, plastic would not only lend durability to the currency note but will also make it eco-friendly. An added advantage is that these new notes are more difficult to counterfeit, meaning less work for the police.

But what does this move spell for the various segments of society, especially magicians who rely on paper currency for an entire repertoire of tricks? Can plastic currency and magic be a good mix??

Some of the organisations that would be directly impacted with this shift are:

Crime Agency's Counterfeiting Department

New Polymer Money with become the norm.. the magic will have to evolve with it

For them the introduction of plastic currency is nothing short of a blessing from heavens above because it will render detection and eventual destruction of the counterfeit market a reality.

Given its attributes a plastic currency note will be much more difficult to replicate and even if someone does manage to make a copy it is highly likely to be caught in security checks.

Cash machine

True though it is that the machine’s configuration would need to be altered in order to accept cash in this new form, overall the industry is not expected to be affected at all.

In fact, much more emphasis needs to be put into coordinating with other departments and agencies so as to ensure smooth transition and functioning.


Although they themselves expect to be left untouched, collectors foresee a mammoth change in the system during the switch over.

While avid collectors would be immediately obsessed with the idea of procuring one for their collections, the actual impact is likely to felt five decades later.

New contract

New appearance means a new deal and a totally different machine and contract would be given to someone who enjoys a strong presence and is trustworthy enough to be able to fulfil the deal on time.

Is linking plastic currency and magic hard for magicians?

Paper Money might be a thing of the past

The secure and water resistant notes do change many aspects for magicians since they are too stiff, and are unable to be ripped or folded easily, which are matters that will need to be dealt with.

Thus the onus is on the magician to reinvent and improvise on old tricks in such a way that plastic money will be involved and the transition is smooth.

Once the magicians have decided which tricks to perform, they also will claim that the new notes are much easier to clean and handle thus rendering them perfectly suitable as accessories for magic shows.  We certainly hope that plastic money and magic will be a great mix!!

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