The Riffle Force Tutorial

Here is the riffle force tutorial; it is a utility move which once mastered will open up a whole range of tricks for you to use.  This utility move can be used with many other card tricks in the future, so is well worth learning and practicing until you can perform it perfectly.  

It can also be used when table hopping on magic evenings and always gets a brilliant reaction from the people you perform it to.

You riffle through a deck of cards and ask a spectator or volunteer when to stop, and when they do you show the spectator the card you stopped at.  The card the spectator sees is actually the top card of the deck.

It is a very simple move which requires a swing cut of the deck to position the card in the middle of the deck, you keep a pinky break above the card, then you are ready to go.

Then you riffle the deck towards the spectator and when they say stop, you lift up the packet made by your pinky break and let them pick up the top card of that packet left in your hands. 

They never notice this as you slide the card from the top of one pile onto the other, if you do it very fast it is invisible.  Also remember a little action hides a big action in the end.

This method is subtle and easy to learn. Go out and try it amongst your family and friends.

Why not watch the riffle force below shared by our friends on twitter @ObliviousToMagic. Follow him for more great tricks to come.

Riffle Force Tutorial Roundup

The Riffle Force is a great move and has a brilliant method you can use many times to force a card onto an unsuspecting spectator.

There are so many applications to the riffle force that you will find yourself using it in other tricks and maybe creating your own trick.

If you have a variation you would like to share with us, upload it to YouTube, and contact us via our contact page and we will share it on here. You will get the views and we will promote it. We want to support you and your interest in magic.

Remember our motto.. practice, practice, practice!!

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