David Blaine, SPLIT SPADES 1st Edition Lions series

This is a review of the David Blaine, SPLIT SPADES 1st Edition Lions series playing cards.

These cards are designed by Mike Stutzman. These are an excellent deck of cards, selling for around $10.00, and are well worth the price.

The handling of these cards is very nice, they fan, spread and faroe perfectly...9/10. 

The box design has some wonderful art work, with David's SPLIT SPADES logo and a lion on the box cover. The top of the box has Split Spades written on it and when you turn the box over that word now reads SuperStitiouS..cool optical illusion.

Split Spades - look of the deck

The back of the cards has a very nice mirrored split spade image and white borders. The court cards are unique, with some standard court faces and some with the faces of famous magicians, David Blaine being one of them. The Ace of Spades is very nice, with three optical illusions on it.

The bottom of the card has Stutzman written on it and when the card is turned over it reveals the name Blaine; above this is written Split Spades, and when turned over reveals the word SuperStitious. Inside the ace there is a lions face, but when you look closely, you see a woman with her arms over her head. This deck has one of the coolest joker cards I have ever seen.

It's a jesters head, but when you look closely you see David Blaine playing cards with the Devil.....

Overall, this is one of my favourites..9/10. I highly recommend this deck.

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