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Self help Magic is the best help you can obtain

Everyone enjoys being the centre of attention once in a while and performing magic is one of the most effective ways of accomplishing this objective.

But suppose there is no magic school in close vicinity that you can enrol into?

Do not worry and do not lose heart because you can still train to become the impressive magician that you want to be and entertain people no matter what their age-group or gender is.

How? Through self-help Magic of course!!

Yes, it is possible to master the art of successfully performing magic tricks even without having undergone formal training simply by following these self-help edicts:


Reading a book based on the subject has been a time tested way of acquiring information for centuries and magic is no exception to this rule.

There are various sources for acquiring books but the most common, convenient and cost effective option is that of the library.

E-books are also a good choice as long as the source is valid and the content stands the test of verification.

Irrespective of the type of book, you are bound to gain some knowledge by reading it and then it is just a matter of putting all the theoretical know-how into practice by attempting to perform the tricks.

Self Help Magic - Self-Networking

Surely there must be hundreds of magicians spread all over the world who might be positioned at different phases of this profession.

Having been through a phase similar to yours or currently experiencing it makes them empathetic towards their fellow professionals and that is why they are always ready to help in terms of guidance, tips and good advice.

All that you need to do is to reach out to this scattered community and become a part of it in order to gain and also to contribute meaningfully.


Cultivate your own inherent professionalism by watching, observing and interacting closely with some of the great magicians through organisations that promote fraternity feelings and uphold brotherhood.

Although you might have to pay a joining fee and a monthly subscription, the benefits far accrue the expenditure since you will receive not just first-hand training, but also opportunities that could escalate your career graph.


To become a perfect magician you must practice endlessly regardless of where you are or with whom. Standing in front of a mirror is a good way to practice your routines before you show your tricks to your family and friends.

As you gain confidence you must attempt practicing in front of an informal audience like those at a birthday party for children or a family or office get-together.

Subsequently you can move on to perform in front of large unknown crowds, but even then, if you have an opportunity to practice one of your tricks, never pass this up.


Carve your own distinct identity the moment you dream of becoming a magician and work towards polishing and maintaining it from day one.

As you practice and eventually perform, there must be certain moves that should be clearly identified as being yours only, and this will help you to build your reputation and create your own space in the vast ocean of professional magic.

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