Bicycle Masters Edition SHADOW MASTERS Card Deck Review

The Bicycle Masters Edition SHADOW MASTERS deck is made by Ellusionist, and sells for $9.95.

The front of the tuck box has Bicycle at the top, SHADOW MASTERS at the bottom and Masters Edition Rider Back on the border.  

In the centre is a beautiful Spade, with an American Eagle in the centre of the Spade. This is all on a black background.  

The art work has a shadow effect. The back of the box is the Rider Back design, in a shadowy grey, on a black background. The bottom of the box has a 3 of spades barcode reveal. One side of the box has Air Cushion Finish, Made in U.S.A. on it and the other side has The United States Playing Card CO.

Review of the Bicycle Masters Edition SHADOW MASTERS

Handling: I love this deck

In my honest opinion, only the TALLY-HO Viper deck comes close to these top class cards. Fanning, spreading and faroing are very easy to master. When fanned in a face down, (tight fan) you get a solid black fan, which is very nice. XCMer's will love this deck.....Like I said LOVE this deck....10/10

Look of the Deck


If death was a gentleman..this is what he would look like. The deck comes with two Jokers. One cloth clad skeleton joker holds the sands of time in a hour glass. The other joker holds a 3 of diamonds reveal in his bony hand.

ACE OF SPADES....Like the front of the tuck box, the Ace of Spades has a beautiful art worked spade, with the eagle in the centre. Bicycle Shadow Edition is written at the top of the ace, and SHADOW MASTERS is written at the bottom.  The U.S. Playing Card CO. Made in U.S.A. is written below this.  This is all on a shadowed black background.


All the court cards have your standard Bike look, but with a shadowed effect on a solid black background. The Diamonds and Hearts have a shadowed red pip in the corners.


The Clubs and Spades are both shadowed grey with white numbers. The Diamonds and Hearts are both shadowed vibrant red, and this really stands out on the black background.


Like the back of the tuck box, the back of the cards have the Rider Back design in a grey shadowy look, with bold black borders.


Besides the extra joker, the deck comes with an Ellusionist advert card and a double back card.

The look of the deck rates....10/10

Overall rating....10/10..

Any questions,comments or deck review requests are always welcome.

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