Simple Shape Prediction Trick

The Simple Shape Prediction Trick Effect:

You walk out on to the stage and place a large card on a chair or easel facing the audience. The card has three shapes drawn on it; a square, a triangle and a circle.

You choose an audience member and ask them to stand. You explain that when people are asked to think of a simple shape, these are the three designs that are normally chosen. You ask them to choose one of the shapes, in this case they choose the square.

You then ask them to reach under their chair where they will  find an envelope stuck underneath. Ask them to remove the envelope and as they do so, explain that earlier on you made a prediction as to which shape they would choose and stuck it under their chair.

When they open the envelope, there is a postcard inside that reads 'you will choose the square'. This is a nice opening effect and usually works very effectively.

Simple Shape Prediction Trick Preparation:

Make a large card with the three shapes drawn on it as described above. On the back write, “You will choose the triangle”. Write “You will choose the square” on a postcard and seal it in an envelope.

Before the show, stick the envelope underneath a chair in the auditorium.

To perform the effect, simply reveal the appropriate prediction either by asking the spectator to remove the card from under their chair or by asking them to come on stage and turn the card around to reveal the prediction. If they choose the circle, then your prediction fails but all is not lost.

State that most people choose either the square or the triangle and because he has not done so, that makes him an interesting choice to participate with in an experiment.

Note that you do not mention anything about the prediction until the spectator has named their choice.

If your prediction is right, then great! If not, it is disappointing but you have not yet mentioned your prediction so no one is any the wiser. Just get the person up on stage to assist with a foolproof effect whether the prediction works or not.

It is a great way to start your performance off, and you will already have a volunteer to use on stage. Why not try it out for yourself?

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