Tenkai Palm Tutorial
 for both Card and coin

Tenkai Palm Tutorial for Cards

The Tenkai Palm tutorial can be used when learning a card trick vanish and production and a coin trick vanish and production.

Tenkai was a Japanese magician whose real name was Teijiro Ishida. He was a creator of magic and two techniques of coin and card magic were named after him.

Not a lot is known of this man but his name lives on with an important sleight of hand trick which can be used in both coin and card magic. We examine both techniques here on this page.

The first technique is utilised when performing with cards.

The card is hidden between the thumb and little finger, within the palm but slightly back from your fingers which allows movement of them.

Tenkai Japanese Magician Tenkai (1889-1972) was born Teijiro Ishida in Japan.

It is a very cunning idea and you should learn this technique so you can use the move when performing great magic tricks. You must be prepared to train your fingers to behave in this move.  

To get this move right every time, you should practice it often.  It is also prudent to practice this move in front of a mirror to watch your performance before you perform tricks in front of your friends and family.

Watch the video below to help you learn this great technique with cards in more detail.

Tenkai Palm for Coins

Tenkai was also given the privilege of being named as a creator of a palm that hides a coin in the back of your hand. This palm is very clever and can be used when using coins to perform magic.

Below is a great display of cunning and magic when two coins are shown, one in each hand. Then unbelievably, one coin has jumped across the palms and joined the other coin making one hand produce two coins leaving the other hand empty.  The secret is to push the coin behind your fingers and pinch the coin between the ring finger and the pinky finger (the small finger for those who do not know what the pinky is... time to learn now in a funny way )

Watch, learn and enjoy this master class below to learn the Tenkai Palm Tutorial for coin tricks. It is a great trick as shown in this video and our thanks go to the creator of this great sleight of hand work of art.

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