The Four Aces
Card Trick

This is a brilliant card trick that uses the Four Aces within the deck and shows you a quick sleight of hand move that will fool anyone.

You show the cards to your audience and place the red ones on the table keeping the black cards in your hands.  After shaking the cards you reveal that they have actually swapped places and the red cards are in your hands, and the black aces are magically on the table..

You show the aces and put them in this order... Red, Black, Red, Black. You then turn the cards face down and perform a glide at the bottom of the deck.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration and explanation of the trick.

The Four Aces

The glide is a perfect sleight you can use with many card tricks and is a move that will pop up occasionally in tricks within this site.

For more information about the double lift, check out this page which explains all about the double lift.

How you perform this trick is up to you. It can be performed surrounded by friends or at a table with guests.

You can describe and create your own patter to fit into your routine.

You do not necessarily need to use the aces, you could use 2 kings and 2 queens and make them jump from table to hand and vice versa.

It is brilliant and quick to set up if someone passes you a deck to perform with. Keep practicing it to make it perfect.

The Free Magic Tricks and Illusions motto is practice, practice, practice until you can do it naturally. It does take time to master these moves and sleights of hand but it is definitely worth learning them to help you develop into a great magician.

We always ask you to keep the secret to yourself. Do not tell anyone unless they are also a magician.

Our thanks go to @ObliviousToMagic for this trick. Why not follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel. He will love your comments and ideas for magic trick lesson videos.

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