The Snap Change Card Trick
Performance and Tutorial

The Snap Change Card Trick is an impromptu trick you can perform at a moment's notice with just a plain set of playing cards.  The trick itself does take a fair amount of practice to get right but once mastered you will be doing it all the time.

It actually looks like the card changes in front of the spectator's eyes. They see a card then in one flick it changes into their card. You can perform this trick in many situations.

Thanks go to the magician TAGSMagic for producing the video for us. To learn how to perform this fabulous trick, watch the video below which shows the performance and tutorial.  We will then recap the trick so that you can go away and try it for yourself.

Remember to practice this in front of a mirror so you can see the angles and the move clearly to help you improve your performance!! 

The Snap Change is quick

Did you enjoy the Snap-Change Card magic trick Performance and Tutorial Video? I hope it was easy for you to follow. Here we do a recap regarding how best to perform this trick.

You do a double lift and making sure the cards are squared up to each other.. grip the cards together with your thumb and middle finger.

Then place your first (index) finger just above your middle finger making sure slight pressure is being forced between both fingers and your thumb.

Using a snapping motion you are going to drag the front card behind the second card making sure the first (index) finger pinches the second card firmly.

This will help the first card stay perpendicular and hidden behind the second card. If you watch the video carefully you will see that you will need to play around with the position of your fingers.

Once you feel comfortable with the positioning then practice this trick so it looks perfect.

Why not look at this tutorial below for more guidance.

Our motto here at Free Magic Tricks and Illusions is that you practice, practice and practice.  Only then will you become a great magician. This sleight will serve you well when performing. It is instant trickery at its best...  Thanks again to @TAGSMagic for telling us about this wonderful trick.

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