The Visible Deck
A card trick for beginners

The Visible Deck is a great free card trick for beginners. You will do well to learn this trick properly.

Take your time with this one. It is important to get the patter and the moves right to ensure a good performance.

This is a trick that shows a randomly selected card has a different back design to the other card.

It is a pretty simple trick which beginners can do to fool friends, family and spectators.

What you will need is a deck of cards and another card which has a different back design. You could use a red backed deck of cards with one blue backed card.  Or for instance you could have a blue back design deck of cards and a red backed card and for an example let us say it is the King of Hearts.

Remove the King of Hearts from the blue backed deck so the spectators will not see two Kings of Hearts when they examine the deck after the trick is finished. 

Now before you perform this trick you need to clip the King of Hearts into your left hand and cover it with the deck so the spectator cannot see it.

blue back and a red back

You then fan out the cards and get the spectator to touch one of the cards in front of them. Then perform the Conan switch as shown in the video below.

Then after showing the card you perform a few shuffles and cuts, and after these moves have been completed, fan out the cards showing that the back of one card is different to the rest.. That card is the one the spectator thinks they touched..

Let us watch the video below on how to perform this excellent trick which will be a great opener or finisher to your act.

The Visible Deck Wrap-up

Another move you will learn in this trick is the Conan force where you force a card to a place where the spectator chooses a card and you show the card instead of the one they chose.  It is very simple to master and easy to perform. All the information required is shown in the video above.

The end result depends on how well you practice doing the trick. Remember our Motto here at Free Magic Tricks and Illusions is to practice, practice and practice.

Again our thanks to @oblivious2Magic for this great trick.. why not follow him on Twitter?

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