Thumb Palm Vanish
Utility Trick and uses

We are going to learn the Thumb Palm Vanish Technique.

Below is a video regarding the ways to help you master this sleight of hand classic.

Why not go over the thumb palm together, it is another wonderful coin concealment.

Showing the left hand empty, then you are able to pluck a coin out of the air.

Let us watch the video below.

The workings of the Thumb Palm Vanish

Unlike the classic palm which is held right there in the palm of your hand, the thumb palm is where the coin is clipped between your thumb and first finger.

Thumb Palm Vanish

From the front you will not be able to see the coin. You have all the freedom in the world to just move your fingers, it is a nice concealment which gives you freedom to move your fingers around with the spectators seeing the coin in the palm position.

To now produce the coin from your hand, have the coin in your thumb clip and show your left hand empty.  Turn your left hand over, take the pinchers, they come in and pinch the coin from the audience's view. That coin is clipped now.  Your hand then moves down and produces and shows the coin.

So in real time, your hand is shown empty front and back. Clip, or pinched, and then exposed. And now you have a coin miracle.

Thumb Palm technique

It is a great trick to learn and now we must wrap this up with you practicing the trick many times until you can perform it correctly. Remember to practice in front of a mirror to help you gauge the angles, and this will also help you see what a spectator sees.  It is your best friend when learning new magic tricks and illusions.

The more you do it the more natural you will appear to be in this concealment.

If you look at the method closely you will know when you have got it right, it just comes to you in a way that helps you get into that position every time without letting on to the audience that a coin is hidden in your hands.

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