Thumb Tip Magic
The complete Guide on the Thumb Tip

Thumb Tip Magic is coming soon bit by bit to Free Magic Tricks and Illusions. This is your complete guide to the magic you can perform using a thumb tip.

thumb tip and silk magic

The types, the history, the tricks you can perform and tips on using this gimmick are all available on the site. It all starts here on your journey to Thumb tip trickery at its finest. 

You will learn the different types of thumb tip available to you, the different designs and uses, and the materials used in making this aid that will always be in the armoury of any magician.

With over 100 different tricks, sleights and uses, we believe you will never leave home without your trusted thumb tip. You will amaze, confuse and blow away your audiences of different sizes and types.

Thumb tip history

We will discuss the history of the gimmick; who created it, who took it to new levels, and discuss who makes them now!! 

If you have a trick or a different way of using the thumb tip then please do get in touch with us via our contact page. We want you to be part of this epic series.

Thumb Tip Magic Tricks Below

Listed below is the links to all the articles and videos we have on Thumb-tip Magic.

Thumb tip to finger tip

We hope you enjoy what we produce and learn from the videos.

Types of thumb Tip. This article discusses different types of thumb tip and what materials are used. It also includes details of how to pick one and how to manage your thumb tip.

The History of the Thumb Tip. Who used the thumb tip first in magic?? We look at who and when it was first used and who made them.

Disappearing and reappearing silk trick. This is a classic trick which is normally the first trick you learn when you originally pick up a thumb tip and silk.

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