Twisting Arm Illusion
David Blaine Trick

Twisting Arm Illusion: Original effect by Shinkoh

Twisting Arm Illusion. Performed by David Blaine. Original effect by Shinkoh  Unleash the power of illusion with this unique discovery which allows you to master the secret of arm twisting 360 degrees

Unleash the power of illusion with this unique free discovery which allows you to master the secret of arm twisting 360 degrees made famous by David Blaine, with incredible results.


After asking a spectator to copy the action of you placing your hand on the table, you are able to twist your arm a full 360 degrees while others look at you in disbelief.


You only need to wear a long sleeve shirt; everything else is impromptu.

Twisting Arm Illusion Method

THE SECRET MOVE (WITH YOUR RIGHT HAND): When your hand is on the table, have your fingers pointing towards your body.  This may seem slightly uncomfortable, but the effect is well worth it; now, you should make sure your fingers are pointing to the left.  After this, turn your palm up (still having your fingers pointing left) but keep turning your hand over in the same way until it is face down again.

Wearing a long sleeve shirt, it looks as if your hand has just turned sideways to the left, but in reality, it has twisted 270 degrees to the right).

Breakdown of the Method

Place your hand on the table (or sidewalk... wherever you want to perform).

Tell your spectator to do exactly what you are doing and start slowly twisting your arm COUNTERCLOCKWISE.

When your fingers start to point to the left, distract your spectator from what you are doing by saying something like "you are doing it wrong; do exactly what I am doing!" or "maybe you should back up a bit to get a better view of my directions".  With that, point to their hand or push them away slightly with your other hand.

Perform the secret move while their eyes are concentrated on performing the move.  When you have performed the secret move, it is a simple matter of trying to get them to do what you are doing again, but little do they know you are simply UNTWISTING your arm instead of twisting it like they are doing.

By putting a plastic cup or hard cellophane under your armpit, you can make a bone-crunching noise by pressing gently as you twist your arm to add to the effect.

This trick is very clearly explained in the video made by Meir Yedid, which can be ordered online.  It will allow you to perform this fantastic illusion to great effect very quickly.

Look at the diagram below...

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