Adding Zing to Magic

Guidelines for Selecting Music to
Add Zing to Your Magic Show

Its hard adding zing to magic shows.. Elements like mood and atmosphere play a seminal role in determining the success of a magic show and this explains why professional magicians are finicky while choosing their melodious accompaniments.

A visual impression may sink in immediately but what leaves a more long-lasting imprint on the mind is the soundtrack. Irrespective of whether you are an aspiring magician or an established professional in the field, knowledge of spectator psychology is imperative and part of it entails selecting your music with care. 

There are several aspects that should be borne in mind while finalizing a musical composition for your show and factors which truly matter are:

Venue – Checking out the venue prior to hosting the show is a must since it would alone play a major role in determining the type of music and also how it should be played. Indoor/outdoor, size and acoustics are some of the points that must feature on your checklist so that the soundtrack you choose adds to the show rather than distracting your audience away from it. 

The very essence of the performance lies in highlighting certain portions of the act through music and to ensure that this occurs without any jarring effect, observing every minute detail about the venue is a step that comes in handy to adding zing to Magic..

More tips for adding zing to magic shows...

Theme – If your show is based on a particular theme, then the music to be played needs to be in harmony with the concept. Any deviation from this rule could not only result in a severe mismatch but have an adverse impact on your reputation as a magician. To manipulate the mood of your spectators to your advantage, using music to echo the theme or a variety of themes varying with the act is probably the easiest technique.

Type of audience – Who are you going to entertain – adults or a group of children? Finding the composition of your audience is a point that should feature on your list of priorities because it will also guide you to select appropriate music. One of the ways by which viewers connect to the magic show is through music and hence the onus is on you to reach out through the melodies that you opt for.

Variety – Just like the way your entire performance is a collage of several individual acts, the background music should be a kaleidoscope too. The purpose is not just to build the atmosphere for every individual act in progress but also to mark the transition from one trick to another.

Style – As far as your audience is concerned, the musical pieces that play in the background are a reflection of your personality. This in itself should inspire you to choose compositions that are compatible with your style and add to your panache. Therefore, you should steer clear of pieces which are easily identifiable and refrain from using a famous magician’s signature tunes since they would be reminiscent of him rather than work in your favor.   

Putting together a winning score is something that would require plenty of thought, and one of the ways it can be achieved entails maintaining uniform orchestration whatever the genre may be.

Seeking advice from professionals and past magicians also helps as long as the end result of adding zing to magic is accomplished. Hopefully you will be adding extra zing to your magic shows by utilising some of the tips on this page and growing in experience.

Moving forwards, why not look at how other magicians put zing into magic. has lots of videos to help you become a varied magician with lots of zing.

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