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Graduating from an amateur to expert magician
Tips to change your career

From Amateur to Expert Magician - To have big dreams comes naturally to human beings and for dreams to be fulfilled it is imperative not just to work hard but work smart too. But, as novices, how many magicians actually possess the foresight to differentiate between hard work and smart work? 

A bit of help in such a situation from experienced practitioners of the same field is always welcome not just for invaluable guidance but also for lending a touch of realism to the journey ahead. These tips will assist you to change your career.

To this effect, help that is extended by established practitioners is nothing short of a blessing from heavens above and words of wisdom may not strictly pertain to the technical aspects of performing tricks. They could also provide guidance related to the presentation aspect and some of the ways that senior magicians suggest for drawing crowds are:

Sporting a flashy outfit

Since a magician is expected to perform the impossible, most spectators look upon him as an outstanding individual who has been blessed with special powers. For his part, the magician must play upon this mindset and exploit it to his advantage as optimally as he can and what could be a better way of reinforcing this concept than through his attire and appearance? While it is true that magic can be performed wearing normal everyday clothes too, a point that needs to be heeded here is that showmanship rules supreme and clothes play an instrumental role in building up the atmosphere.

With this mind, an ideal outfit for a magic performance is one that is not just flashy and eye-catching but safe and well-suited to the tricks to be performed too. Therefore, while selecting his costume, the magician must exercise his creativity and temper it with a fair amount of practicality so that his dual objective of creating an unforgettable impression and comfort are duly met. Changing from an amateur to expert Magician will come in small steps.

Introducing yourself with flair

As an amateur magician you are relatively inexperienced and hence need to go that extra mile to attract people and grab their interest. A booming voice is definitely an asset but it also needs to be supported by a witty, humorous and interesting speech that can immediately rivet the attention of the audience on to you. Further fortification can be added in the form of a captivating introductory trick, for example an act that entails the use of flames, swords with gleaming edges or metal chains and rings.

Starting the act with tricks that you can perform with your eyes closed helps to create the crucial first favorable impression and moving amongst the crowd while performing adds a sense of liveliness that is appreciated by spectators.

Choosing an Appropriate Location

Taking the path traveled by most famous magicians means performing on street corners and public places like parks and shopping malls that have traditionally served as stages by generations for building confidence.  But random selection might cause infringement of space of another performer and hence should be refrained from.  The good news is that there is no dearth of crowded corners and busy spots and all that is required is to identify a suitable locale and deliver the first LIVE PERFORMANCE.

How about concluding the act by enacting the tradition of asking for donation in a hat?  That would surely convince the passers-by of your veracity as a performer.

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