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Make a Card disappear from deck card trick is really cool and very easy to do.  Free Magic Tricks and Illusions will show you how to perform this fabulous trick!

Want to know the secret of this subtle trick you can master in minutes??

How you may ask?....

This a extremely clever way of making a card disappear right in front of the eyes of the audience...

The method is very simple and you will need some double-sided tape to create the gimmick needed to pull of the stunt. Are you ready??

Then let us get into the trick!!

The Card Disappear from a complete Deck is a very easy trick which anyone can do with some double sided tape and a deck of cards...

Let us watch the video below to learn the performance and the method behind the disappearing card!!

You can amaze those around you as you perform this trick.  Let us get right into the preparation of the gimmick!! 

Prepare one card with strips of double sided tape on to the back of the card. That is the gimmick. You hide the card by pressing the face of the selected card onto the back of the gimmicked card.

The tape on the back of the gimmicked card will stick the cards together giving the illusion it is one card.. hence the card disappearing from the deck.

Card Disappear from Deck Trick Round up

It is a good idea to hide this gimmicked card under the top card, then separate them as the spectator looks at their chosen card, and manipulates it so it is on the top of the deck.

Card Disappear from deck trick

Then cut the deck and make sure the chosen card is put on top of the prepared gimmick card, then place the rest of the deck on top.

Few shuffles and you are ready to deal out the deck of cards and show the card has vanished!!

That is how to make a Card Disappear from a complete Deck of cards!!

Why not try out this trick with your family and friends. I am sure you can fool even the hardest critic with this trick.

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