Card From Thin Air
The Back Palm

One trick you must learn how to do is the Card from Thin Air Card Trick. The name of this move is called a back palm. It is a very clever trick where a card disappears and re-appears in front of an audience and if done correctly could be a reputation maker; the trick is that good.

So what do you need?? You need a playing card and plenty of practice to master the act of a back palm.

The back palm is a move where the card rests behind the hand behind the first finger and the pinky finger with a very slight bow to keep it under tension so it looks like the hand is empty.

The move is very basic and it is an art to learn this manipulation correctly. Speed and height is very important to hide any flashes of the card moving from the back to front and then back again.

Card From Thin Air

Card From Thin Air
The Back Palm

Place the card on to the back of your hand and gently open your 1st finger and pinky finger and then close it with a slight bow in the card, this is the first position.

You then close your hand and push your thumb onto the card as it sits on the nails of your middle and ring finger.

Then slide your nails out so you are then holding the card with the pads of your middle and ring finger.

If you have mastered this and want to increase the movement so you can show both sides of the hand before you produce the card out of thin air, then watch the video below.

Now if you can pull this trick off from showing both sides of the hand without flashing the card, you are doing very well. It is excellent and will be useful in your development in the art of magic and illusion.

With this trick you will need to practice hard to do these moves but I promise it will be worth it. Why not take a look around the site for more magic tricks and illusions for free.

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