Double Undercut

Card Control Technique

The double undercut is a utility move used in magic. We will show you how to perform this card control technique.

The double-undercut is a fundamental technique of card control. It can be used to bring a selected card to the top of the deck, or to secretly move a number of cards from the bottom of the deck to the top (and vice versa).

It also involves creating a pinky break to keep the cards separated which then moves into a thumb break. You can then cut two piles from the top of the deck, making it appear to the spectator that you have cut the deck, but in reality it was a false cut.  The spectator believes their card is lost in the deck.

As with all utility moves, it emerges in card magic all the time and once you have learned it, you will find yourself using it in other situations as well as a way of keeping your spectator off guard.

Remember the thumb break and pinky break are very important to make sure the cards are square; this hides what you are doing by means of keeping the two piles separate.

Let us watch the video below by and watch this excellent demonstration of this move!!  Please subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch more videos and obtain notification when new videos are uploaded.

Double Undercut
Card Control Technique

The demonstration shows quite clearly the fundamentals of doing this trick the right way.

Double Undercut Card Control Technique

It does need much control, with your pinky and thumb doing most of the work keeping the two piles separate until you start cutting the deck back on top of the first pile. It is a fluid movement and does take plenty of practice to master it correctly.  

As with all moves and tricks, it is best to practice in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform and judge your angles more accurately.  It is a very deceptive move that can fool many people.

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If you like this move then please comment below and tell us how you performed it. We love to hear from you.

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