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Best Coin Vanish For Beginners

Free Magic Trick Video. Best Coin Vanish For Beginners is here to show you how to make a coin vanish. It is an amazing trick and very easy to do with a bit of practice and time. 

Everyone has in their pocket some sort of loose change and this method will prepare you to show a magic trick when asked to show something.

There are many methods of making a coin vanish but this one is easy to do and will start you off in your journey to coin magic stardom.

What you will also need is a piece of paper to fold around the coin. In the video it will show you how to correctly fold the paper around the coin.

So let us get to it and watch the video below 

Free Magic Trick Video 
Best Coin Vanish for Beginners

So did you see the secret? They way you fold the paper around the coin will allow you to steal the coin out of the envelope and keep in it in the palm of your hand.

You then use the excuse of finding a magic wand to dump the coin away into your pocket.

One other method is to dump the coin and bring out a lighter, if you use flash paper you could light it and it will disappear.

The folding of the paper around the coin is important to give the illusion that the coin is still in there so make sure you get the impression of the coin on the paper.

Also let the audience touch the coin through the paper. Once you have done this, turn the paper around allowing the coin to fall into your palm. There you can proceed to dump the coin into your pocket by giving a reason to put your hand into your pocket.

If you do not have a wand, just say you need some magic dust, give a logical reason for putting your hand into your pocket to dump the coin.

Remember you need to practice this trick a few times to get it right.  You should try it out on your friends before you perform it in front of the unsuspecting public.

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