Free Mentalism Trick

Mathematical Free Mentalism Trick

Free mentalism trick here. Today we are going to learn a mentalim effect which involves mathematics.. That is right.. Back to school with Maths. But its OK, you do not have to have a degree to learn this. It is very simple and will fool the best of us I can assure you.

What you will need is 2 pieces of paper, one pen, one volunteer and maybe a calculator to help people not too good at maths to add up the totals.

The trick involves the use of 5 lots of 5 digit numbers and one 6 digit number the volunteer makes up so it will be a completely random number.

This trick then explodes at the end as the 5 lots of 5 digits add up to the 6 digit number the volunteer randomly selected...

Want to learn it?? then watch the video below. It is by White Arts Magic who have created a few magic videos on If you want to follow him then click here and follow him on his facebook page.

Right let us get in to the performance and the method below.

Free Mentalism Magic Trick Explained

Did you get it??

Free Mentalism Trick here.

What an amazing free mentalism trick and as you develop yourself into a mentalist you will find many mathematical tricks that are so simple but with a fantastic performance, can fool magicians as well as lay people.

As you saw you need to create a simple set of numbers, or if you are like me and were impressed with the trick.. you will use the numbers White Arts Magic used..

The trick itself is all in the dummy number and remembering to take one digit off the last 5 digits of the volunteer's 6 digit number, you will always add up to their 6 digit number.. The trick is faultless..

Free Mentalism magic Trick

I like the fact that as a mind reader you look at things as an experiment, that way if it does fail slightly you can always fall back on the experimental side of things..

Remember a great performance does not come by practicing a trick once.. it takes many attempts to get it completely right but when it does, it is perfect!!

Thanks to white Arts Magic again for their demonstration.. enjoy the trick and good luck.

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