Hang Coins in Air

Hang Coins in Air is a practical magic trick where it looks like the coin becomes invisible and placed in mid-air, then when ready you retrieve it and it changes from invisible to visible.

Let us look at the performance and the method.

What you need is a coin of a decent size and to learn the retention vanish. The retention vanish is a way of keeping hold of a coin in a hand but making it look like the coin has passed from the hand into the other hand.

It is a classic move in coin magic and is worth learning how to do properly by watching the video below. The teacher is very good at the finger retention vanish and he expains very carefully how to do it properly.

If you watch carefully you will also see how to bring the coin back into sight by the way you hold the coin in your hand. You basically hold it pinched between your 1st finger and middle finger, and then push the coin up with the thumb. It looks very magical.

Let us watch the video below to learn the secret and how to perform this trick.

Hang Coins in Air

So you pass the coin from hand to hand then during the last time of doing this you fake the pass and retain the coin in the hand. You pretend it is invisible and place it in the air for safe keeping.

Then when you want the coin back, you use the hand that does not hold the coin to pick it out of the air and pretend to place it in the hand you are holding the coin. Reveal that the coin is now visible and the trick is completed. Wait for the surprises and applause and move onto your next trick.

It is always worth learning new magic and new sleights to help your magic. The retention vanish will be part of your arsenal for many years to come and I am sure you will come across the vanish in other tricks.

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