Impressing Friends and Family

Impressing Friends and Family...

It is a common misconception that learning magic tricks is a difficult and arduous task.

Of course, in order to get to the same performing level and expertise of some famous magicians like Criss Angel, David Blaine, Richiardi, Dante, Mark Wilson and Harry Houdini to name a few, you have to have that talent and willingness to put in hard work because it takes years of practice in order to become an expert.

But if you are simply looking to entertain and impress friends or family members at a party by performing some magic tricks then all it requires is some dedication and time from your end and you will become adept at performing magic tricks and get showered with praise.

With the help of the right resources and commitment, one can perform amazing magic tricks. Magic is a broad term that encompasses many versatile tricks.

While some of the tricks are crazily difficult others may not be that difficult for an amateur and inexperienced magician to perform.

In order to ensure that the spectators would not be able to guess the secret behind the magic tricks, the performer or magician should ensure that they practice the trick well enough to be able to perform it very fast and smoothly.

Only then will you impress friends and family.

Irrespective of whether one is an amateur magician or an experienced one, the secret behind the magic trick should be well guarded otherwise it would just defeat the purpose of performing.

If the spectators happen to be friends and families then of course the magician or the illusionist would be very keen to reveal the secrets behind the tricks, especially when the spectators are imploring them to do so.

The basic rule of becoming a magician is to never give in to the demands or requests of the spectators or the audience and reveal the secrets.

As a magician, it is important to give a great performance as this would garner the respect and appreciation of the audience.

Revealing the secrets would only cause the trick to lose its essence.

So what can one do when one is performing in front of family members or friends?

Is it possible to not give out the secrets? The answer to this question is yes.

If you want you can stick to your decision and maybe say in a polite tone that you never give out the secrets to your magic tricks. One can also add in a humble apology as this always appeals to the spectators.

It is important to be firm and polite at the same time.

Impressing friends and family

When performing with the pressure of impressing friends and family, a majority of magicians are under the impression that they should perform one trick after another  in order to impress their crowd.

Guy performing impressing friends and family

This is not always the case because sometimes it is better to wow the crowds with just one or two magic tricks performed with grace and wit rather than performing many magic tricks in a mediocre manner.

Therefore simply concentrate on a couple of magic tricks and make sure you can perform these to the best of your ability.

Another thing that magicians should be mindful of is their limitations and it is always better to avoid those magic tricks that emphasize the limitations or weaknesses of the magicians and focus on the ones which highlight their strong points and talents.

Performing magic is subjective to a lot of conditions therefore magicians must perform the magic trick only when they feel that the situation is ideal for the trick.

The key to putting up a good magic performance is to leave the spectators, which in this case would be the friends and families, craving for more and requesting further magic tricks.

Humble magicians are always appreciated and loved provided they do not brag about their tricks or talents but allow them to do the talking for them.

If you have performed a great magic trick then the people would know it and appreciate it anyway and blowing your own trumpet is not called for.

You are Impressing Friends and Family

It is not necessarily the case that each and every one trying out magic becomes a professional magician.

Even if one does not aspire to perform at a professional level, people can always brush up on their magic skills to become proficient magicians or illusionists for parties and gatherings only.

This provides people with the chance to keep in touch with magic and to do what they love doing the most without necessarily taking up full-time jobs as professional magicians.

Perfecting the magic tricks calls for sleight of hand, quick movements and an alert mind as this will prevent the audience from interpreting the secrets so they would actually believe that your illusions are real magic.

So go on and start Impressing Friends and Family with your talent.

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