Magic and Music

Can Music truly Complement
a Magic Show?

Yes Magic and Music is a wonderful mix...

Every magic show is a culmination of several factors and while each is equally important, one that qualifies as being the soul of the performance is music. 

Just like the way it can set the mood for a birthday party, wedding, reunion or any other gathering, in a magic show music acts as an accompaniment that can lead up to the trick like nothing else can.

As long as magicians are able to identify the background music that would match with their tricks in the best possible way, a stupendous performance is definitely in order.

So what are the ways by which music can complement a magic performance?

To begin with, it could be best described as being an audio backdrop.

While physical props fill up the stage and lighting provides the requisite illumination, background music is also a must-have.

A tune which emanates the essence of the trick to be played and conveys to the audience a hint of what might be coming could prove to be exactly what the setting needs. Thus, it is a factor which, in spite of being subtle, is probably the most communicative aspect of the show.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching successful magicians perform on stage is bound to have observed that their gesticulations and choreography are timed as per musical beats.

In addition to determining the pace of the trick, music is also used to highlight crucial junctures when the act is in progress or to draw the attention of the audience away from secret moves.

Therefore, as a spectator, all you need to do is simply follow the melody and let the illusion form and unfold before your eyes at its own pace.

Magic and Music (Cont)

Renowned magicians also use magic and music to spur emotions and generate sentiments in their audience so that impressions pertaining to unnatural acts like flying, snowing, portal and so on can be effectively conjured.

A noteworthy example in this regard is that of David Copperfield who relies on music to achieve several illusions.

On a smaller scale, a stirring musical composition could prove to be the ultimate cue for highlighting a close-up act and rendering it extraordinary.

Watch David Copperfield use music within his magic show to help the illusions become alive:

Having grasped the importance of music, it is equally imperative for magicians to be aware of the options available while selecting a composition for their performances.

Some of the most common categories are commercial, royalty-free, production and customized and to find out which suits you the best, cultivating an understanding and experimenting is the way to go.

Each source is characterized by its own advantages and disadvantages. To seek a tune that people can easily identify with, commercial music is the segment that should be explored while originality is best acquired through customized creations.

Plenty of time on your hands could lead you to find precisely what you are looking for without paying any royalty but if quality is a concern then production music is the best option even though it might come at a charge.

Music is an investment that could enable a magician to reap rich dividends if handled with care and hence is an aspect which should never be treated lightly or overlooked.

The fact that it complements a magic show is indisputable and given its irreplaceable quality, this ingredient surely deserves a lot of attention.