Note through Note Trick

The note through note trick is one of the subtlest magic tricks you can perform with paper money; the workings are these:

You get two notes of the same currency and fold one in half length ways and the other length ways and then width ways, you then place the double folded note on top of the one folded note.

You then perform some magic and with one move the double folded note looks to have half penetrated the once folded note. Then once that miracle is established you then start to push the double folded note straight through the once folded note like it is melting through.

It is a stunning trick and by watching the video below and understanding the tutorial, I hope you will learn how to do it properly.

It is not easy to do at first as the positioning of your fingers and the pressure needs to be learnt, but once it is mastered it will be a major trick to add to your arsenal of magic to perform on the street and at restaurants, parties etc.

So let us watch the performance and the method of this wonderful note through note magic trick, in order to learn how this fabulous trick can best be performed.

Note Through Note trick recap

Did you enjoy watching the method? It is ingenious and very deceptive is it not??!!! I was blown away when I was first shown the method after the performance.

I knew then it was a trick I needed to put on the website because I knew you were going to love learning and performing this cool magic trick.

So the secret in the performance is the fold a third along the folded note that you hide under your finger and thumb. It is ingenious!

This a trick you can perform over and over again.  If you borrow notes from other people and perform it with their money, you can obtain a better reaction as the money belongs to them.  Nobody will guess the secret as it is all done within the fold.

You will have to get a feel of the pressure needed to perform the trick efficiently and smoothly. Once this is learnt you can perform it before your friends and family.

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