The Phone Number Trick
Performance and Tutorial

The Phone Number Trick can be used to get a girl's phone number using only a deck of cards and a pen, and blow her mind at the same time.  

The trick does take some practice to get right, and you will need a friend to help you to perform the trick, but once mastered it will be a trick you perform many times and is a great one to have in your repertoire. 

Thanks go to Aka Talespy for producing the video.  To learn how to perform this trick, watch the video below which shows the performance of the trick and subscribe to Aka's YouTube Channel.  We will then go into the method behind the trick, so you can go away and try it for yourself.

Phone Number Trick

Most of the trick is explained in the video itself.  But for people who are curious about the method behind the trick, this is how the trick is performed:

You ask the spectator to choose a card.  You can do so by fanning out the cards or by riffling with your thumb along the side of the packet.

Once the person holds the card in their hand you kindly ask her to write her phone number on the card and you can even say that it is important to write down her real number for the trick to work.

You then take the card back and place it in the middle of the deck.  Make sure to keep a break wherever you put the card because you are going to control it.  The card has to be either at the top or at the bottom of the deck so you can palm it.

As soon as the card with her number on it is secretly placed in your hand you hand the spectator the deck and ask her to shuffle the cards.  While she is distracted, you hold the card behind your back and a friend of yours walks past you and grabs the card.

They then send a message with the value of the card that the girl chose to the phone number on the card.  This takes some time so you can talk about how you made the card vanish from the deck and how you are going to make it reappear.

If you are lucky her phone will make a sound when the message is received; otherwise you have to make eye contact with your accomplice to find out if the message has been sent.  You then can reveal it in whatever way you like!!

There you have it.  How to get a girls phone number and blow her mind at the same time.  Hope you had fun watching the performance!!

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