Pick a Card

Card effects are a must for any magicians arsenal IMHO.

Card tricks that are done in the spectators hands have an extra special reaction to them. When starting out in
magic,most people learn card tricks first.There are some easy card effects,that with little practice can make even the beginner magician look like a pro. When asking a spectator to pick a card,I like to say a little joke just as there about to sellect there card.
As they reach for there card I,ll say NO NOT THAT CARD,
usually they'll pull there hand back,but I'll say,just joking then let them pick what ever card they want ( depending of course on the effect I'm doing )this usually gets a bit of a laugh. May I suggest,when you are doing card effects,use a good deck of cards, theydon't have to be a high end custom deck, but they should be a fresh deck not a faded,torn,old deck,this will make your spectator feel better about actually touching your cards and will make you look a little more professional.


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