Piggy Bag Coin Trick by Jay Sankey

Piggy Bag coin trick is an amazing effect created by Jay Sankey.

I wanted to share the trick with you as it can be performed at a moment's notice if you have a zip fastening food bag.

Piggy Bag Jay Sankey

You do need to learn a few moves with the coin to make the effect work.  The thumb palm vanish where you roll your fingers towards your thumb whilst the coin is balanced on the tips of your fingers, you then clip the coin between the base of your first finger and your thumb. This is called the thumb palm.  You will also need to learn the french drop coin vanish.

One tip Jay stresses is to make sure that when the coin is placed into the bag, you push as much of the air out of the bag as you can before sealing it. This way the coin stays in the corner of the bag and makes the trick easier to perform.

You could use a signed coin in this trick but Jay does not recommend it. The trick itself is enough to blow your spectators' minds.

Jay Sankey's Piggy Bag Trick Recap

So let us recap this trick.

To perform this trick you will need:

  • one self zip plastic food bag (or baggy)
  • one coin
  • one borrowed coin of the same value.

You will need to learn the french drop utility move and a thumb palm vanish to perform the trick correctly.

Jay Sankey is an international magician who has performed all over the world and teaches magic to those who want to learn. He has created many amazing tricks and is admired as one of the best magicians of the 21st century. 

If you want to learn more magic from Jay then visit his site insidedeception.com.