Rub A Dub Vanish
Card Trick

The Rub A Dub Vanish Card Trick is what is called a utility move where the card looks like it has penetrated an area like a card mat and when the mat is lifted up, the vanished card appears underneath the mat.  It is a very clever trick which you can use all the time especially when you are at a dinner table or a bar.

What you will need is a deck of cards with a duplicate card. Lots of playing cards come with a duplicate joker, or find another pack of cards and take a card from it so you have a matched pair.

So how to perform the Rub A Dub Vanish....

Preparation is necessary here by putting one of the duplicate cards under a mat or sticking it under the table ready (you could also leave it on the floor so when the spectator looks they can see it once you have performed the trick).

The secret of the trick is timing. You need to rub the card and pull it back onto the deck so it looks like you have rubbed it through the surface. Let us watch the video demonstration below to see how the trick works.

Rub A Dub Vanish Card Trick

In this trick, you need to learn the riffle force.  We do have another version of the riffle force which is a little different to the one shown here but the principle is the same.

You get the spectator to choose a card and that is the point you use a card force. This will make them pick a duplicate card. Then you now out jog that card on top of the deck, pretend to rub it and use your thumb to pull the card back onto the deck.

Then continue to rub the surface with your hand making it appear that the illusion of a card has been rubbed through the surface.

You then finish the trick by lifting up the card mat or telling the spectator to look under the table and see their chosen card has magically penetrated the surface.

You walk away, leaving them stunned at what you have achieved.

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