Scissors Cut
Cardistry Tutorial

The Scissors Cut is a fantastic card flourish that you can master with flare and finesse. It is a lovely move that will propel you in a completely new direction in your cardistry journey.

It is very similar to the Charlier cut but the starting grip is slightly different.

You need to hold the deck of cards between your thumb and middle and ring finger (2nd and 3rd). The pointer (1st) finger rests on the top while the pinky is on the bottom.

This will need much practice as you use your thumb to pull up a packet of cards and pivot this packet on your 2nd finger. You will need to stretch this as your hand allows the cards to fall forward as you drag the packet to the back of the deck.

You will learn to stretch some muscles you never knew you had when you first perform it.

Scissors Cut grip

It is a very difficult move and can take much time to perform correctly.  It has not been unheard of for magicians to attempt the move 20 or 30 times before performing it correctly.  Do not lose heart - you will get there. 

It may be prudent to practice this move in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform and judge your angles more accurately.

Watch the video below to get a feeling of what is required to perform the move smoothly.

Scissors Cut recap

There are some little tips you should bear in mind when performing this flourish. Try to stretch your fingers and the cards move from the front to the back of the deck.

Scissors Cut

You need to push your thumb into the packet of cards so it hits your first finger, this pivot will be strong throughout the move from front to back.

Try to spread the cards so the packet goes into the middle of the deck; it may help you as you try to reach the pinnacle of the move, which involves building the complete flourish up as you practice often.

With all flourishes there is a skill to performing it, but it does get easier the more you do it. That is why we practice as you develop muscle memory so it becomes second nature in the end.

Have fun and practice, practice and practice some more.

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