Self Working Card Trick
Obliging Aces

Here is a Self Working Card Trick Called Obliging Aces which you can read or learn from the Royal Road to Card Magic. It does exactly what it says. Once it is all set up and the patter is learnt, it is all very self working and very easy to master.

What you need is the four aces on top of the deck and the 9 of clubs on top of the pile of aces.  So the setup is 9C, AH, AC, AD, AS and then the rest of the deck.

Just before you start the trick, you must place another 8 cards on top of that pile. And now you are ready to perform this self worker.

You need to ask the spectator to choose a number between 10 and 20 and then deal off that number of cards. Let us say the spectator chooses the number 17. You then deal 17 cards and place the rest of the cards to one side.

You pick up the pile and add the two numbers together that make up their number so the figure will be 8 on this occasion.

Deal off the cards and place the eighth card to one side.  Then place the rest of the pile on top of the big pile. You do this three times.

On the fourth attempt you say you will let the cards choose and you turn the card over and it shows the 9 of clubs.  Deal off 9 cards and you will have the 4th ace. Now show all the aces and receive the applause.

Watch the video below to learn how to perform this great trick.

Self Working Card Trick

When you need a self worker, this is the trick to learn. It is available to read in the book Royal Road To Card Magic. If you want to develop your card magic then that is a book that is highly recommended for any budding magician. Go out and buy yourself a copy. You will not regret it.

At Free Magic Tricks and Illusions we strive to find great tricks and magical illusions that you can learn to perform, and practice until you can perform them perfectly.

Please remember to keep all the magic tricks a secret as it is part of the magicians code. Do not spoil the magic by showing people how the tricks are done.

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