Slip Jog Card Control Technique

The Slip Jog Card Control technique is a useful utility move designed to give the impression the chosen card has been put into the middle of the deck of cards only for the chosen card to now jump back on to the top of the deck.

It is a difficult move which will take some practice to master. What you will need is a deck of cards and a spectator. 

It is a technique worth learning to help you develop your own magic forte. It will take time to master, but we hope by watching the video below and listening to the tips, you can become proficient at performing this.

The idea is to get the spectator to choose any random card, and then look at it.  You then get them to place the card on top of the deck. You have to swing cut the deck into two piles of cards, one in each hand.

You are now ready to perform the slip jog.

Watch the video below to see how to perform it and how to pull off this great technique.

Slip Jog Card Control Recap

slip jog 01

The slip-jog is great to perform around tables and a great move to help you to perform the ambitious card routine.

You should pretend you are taking the selected card from the top of the deck but you actually take the bottom card from the top half of the deck. Extremely devious move and looks excellent if done properly.

You will need to practice this card move many times and I suggest you watch the video a few times as there are some interesting tips and help with the method to make this trick work sublimely.  It is also prudent to practice this trick in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform.

slip jog 01

Thanks go to KaanTricks for this method.  You are able to watch his brilliant videos on his YouTube channel, where he has many more tricks that he wants to share with you.

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