Spread Cull Card Control

The Spread Cull Card Control technique is a very useful card utility move where you get a selected card from the middle of a deck of cards and move it to the bottom of the deck without the spectator seeing the move.

Many tricks use this manoeuvre and if it is performed correctly it will look slick and the spectator will not know what you have done. 

This move can be used often to cull the chosen card from the middle of the deck to the bottom.  After using a double undercut, you can get that chosen card to the top of the deck of cards.

The pinky break can be applied just above the chosen card to help with the ease of double under cutting the card to the top. That is a top tip.

To learn this extremely useful utility move, please watch the video below.

Spread Cull Card Control Utility Recap

The best way of performing the spread-cull is to get a spectator to choose a random card.

Split the deck into both hands and get the spectator to place the card on the bottom pile; whilst this is happening spread the top pile deck so the bottom card of that pile is in position.

Gentle push the spectators card out slightly from the top of the bottom pile and put the top spread pile on top.  Use your fingers to drag the chosen card across the faces of the spread and then close the piles together making the chosen card slip to the bottom of the deck. It is easier for you to watch the video above than for me to go into great detail regarding the method.  

Hopefully you will have watched the video a few times to understand the method involved to get the card from the middle of the deck to the bottom of the deck.

With plenty of practice you can master this move and probably find yourself using it regularly in your routines.

I would like to thank 52Kards for showing us this method. Please visit his website so you can learn great tricks and utility moves that will enhance your magic and illusions.

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