The Svengali Deck By Oz Pearlman Review

The Svengali Deck by Oz Pearlman

The Svengali deck is either loved or hated by magicians.

Let us face it; there are some bad Svengali decks (and tricks) out there, but you will not be disappointed by the Svengali deck by Oz Pearlman.  As always, Oz is crystal clear in his teaching, and goes over numerous ways to handle the Svengali deck and how to utilise it with several tricks explained by Oz.

Techniques used by Oz

What is the Svengali deck? Oz goes into great detail about the history of the Svengali deck, and how it has been used in the magic world.

Displaying the deck

It is absolutely essential to know how to handle a Svengali deck.

This is where Oz excels in teaching you how to do so. Not only does he show you how to handle the deck, but how to look natural while doing so.

Shuffling the deck

This is a key element in pulling off the Svengali deck successfully.  Oz will show you how to do so, and how to make people believe that it is a 'real' deck of cards.

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by Oz Pearlman below

Cutting the Deck

Another essential skill to learn with a Svengali deck is how to cut the deck. While using this deck, you must demonstrate a type of cut to go along with a shuffle. Oz once again goes over this in detail so you can easily grasp how it is done.


This is a fun and convincing way to make the Svengali deck look as real as possible. There are many ways to use a force with the Svengali deck, and Oz covers the best ways to do so.


If you wish to become more elaborate with your Svengali deck you can incorporate flourishes. While some magicians are not particularly fond of flourishes you may find it useful in your performance.

Double Lift

Magicians know this move all too well, and it most definitely works well with the Svengali deck. You will learn how to perform this move effectively and proficiently with Oz's precise teaching.

Deck Switch

This is an absolute killer. Learning this move will elevate the Svengali deck to another level. All in all, the Svengali deck by Oz Pearlman is something that you should learn to use, and put into your performances. 

You may not like it, but I encourage you to try it.  Oz Pearlman will show you exactly what you need to know to pull off incredible tricks for your audience.

While a beginner is able to handle a Svengali deck, a more advanced magician can put their own twist on this deck.

In addition to the information provided, you will also learn a really ambitious card trick called hypnotise, where three spectators see the same card, and a spelling trick you will love.

There is something for everyone in the Svengali instructional DVD, but do not be put off by the simplicity of this deck.  You will learn plenty in this DVD, so go ahead and give this deck a try and start astonishing people.

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