Sybil Cut or Dynamo Shuffle
Card Flourish Tutorial

The Sybil Cut is one you would have probably seen most card magicians use either on the television or live on the street.

It was first performed by Chris Kenner and is now the stable flourish that most magicians go to if they would like to dazzle an audience.

On television, Dynamo performs it quite regularly on chat shows and his TV Series. Learn it here, and become a better magician.

It is also a false shuffle so the cards remain in the same order at the end of the performance which helps the magician create the illusion that the cards have been mixed up when in fact they have not.

It is a deceptive flourish which you will learn how to perform and deceive others by using.

This flourish has many parts to it but in reality it consists of swivels and cuts and a repeatable movement in which the cards are constantly moving.

It is well known that the trick marks the start for budding magicians and in the video you will see how the artist has developed his own sybil but added a few selective touches that give it his own personal flourish.

Let us watch the video below and learn the basics of the sybil-cut dynamo shuffle card flourish tutorial... hope you enjoy learning about, and performing, the trick.

Sybil Cut Dynamo Shuffle Card Flourish

If you are undertaking the course of videos then I congratulate you on learning your first long card flourish. I bet it felt good when you achieved it step by step.

With many flourishes like this, the timing is very important to get right, and with plenty of practice you can gain muscle memory so they know instinctively what they should be doing at a particular moment.

Moving forwards I think you will be performing this to your friends and family or even adding it into your routines if you are a magician looking to add some wow factor. And you can perform something Dynamo can do.

We hope you enjoyed learning this flourish and hope you will look around the site for more card flourishes or if you are a magician you may like to learn a few card tricks that would work with your flourishes.

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